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I'll be 31 weeks pregnant on Monday. I weigh 57lbs so far and I'm huge. (: She's about 2 1/2lbs. Yeah, we're excited. Not too much longer now. She gave us a little scare last week when she gave me Braxon Hicks. I was contracting but I wasn't dilated so the doctor sent me home for 24hr bed rest.

The boyfriend moved to Indiana with his dad for work reasons. I'm living with my dad again, but only for a little bit. Soon after the baby gets here I plan on moving in with my bf and his family. They have enough room for us and they can't wait to see their granddaughter too. My dad isn't too happy about me moving further away but it's only an hours travel and he says he'll always be there for me.

Oh and I can't remember if I told anyone yet, but we fully named our baby girl. Mia Amelia Fritz. (: She gets her daddy's last name. Gage (bf's son) is excited for her too. He talks about her all the time. His birthday is coming up actually. May 25th is his 5th bday. We are having a party for him and his nephew on the 17th. I have no idea what to get a 5 and 2 year old, though.

It feels good just to write all this out, regardless if anyone reads or replies to it. I have a journal I keep for Mia. I write down everything I feel or think in it and eventually I'm going to give it to her. However, I may have to edit a few things in there. Sometimes I've forgotten it was for her and wrote a few huh well graphic things in there, if you know what I mean.  

I gotta to go to work today, in a few hours. I don't feel that good either. I've had a stomach ache for a few days now. It's very unpleasant. Wish I could call off, but I'm already in trouble with work. I've got two jobs; golden corral and Kroger. Golden corral promised not to put me in the dish room because it's hard, demanding labor and they didn't want me in there but oh and behold all my hours are for the dish and I reminded them about my condition (pregnant) and they said it would be changed. It's been three weeks and nothing has changed. Besides my hours. I'm only working two nights a week there. Though I can't blame them entirely. Kroger promised I could work for them in the morning, leaving my nights free for Golden Corral. Yeah but then that only worked for two weeks and suddenly I have all evening hours for them, screwing with my hours for Golden Corral. Now both jobs are trying to schedule me for the same days at the same time. I'm short handing those places at least twice a week. Of course it's partially my fault too because I haven't changed the days I could work until this morning for Kroger. Now things should run more smoothly. Hopefully. I still may quit one of those jobs. Either way I'll be leaving soon. Why not knock off some unnecessary stress? Because I need money that's why...

Ha and now I'm going to take a shower then eat. Or maybe the other way around. I don't know yet, my stomach just hurts and my butt feels numb and flat from sitting so long. And Mia is kicking me in the bladder. I'm going to potty first. (: Then I'll feed my sister's fat cat Neko. She was sitting on my belly but now she's trying to take over my laptop. Bye folks!
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18. Gamer. Shuttle Bug. Amauter Herpetologist. Hobbyist literaturer. Book worm. Caught in the international web of fandoms; ships from TV shows to planets.
I like to take stupid/ugly pictures of myself and friends. I will spam you with them.

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